Friday, March 10, 2006

Home Renovation Begins!

We bought our house over six years ago. It's a small, old house--a typical Charlottesville house, and at 1500 square feet, it is a tad too small for six people and two dogs. We bought it knowing it was too small because we loved it, and because it was the best house we'd seen in our price range, and because it felt like home. During those first marvelous months of owning our first home, it really seemed like this house had sat here for nearly 100 years, just waiting for us to move into it.

Over the years, we've done several DIY projects: installing antique heart pine flooring in a hideous 1960's-era addition to the house, ripping out the horrid plastic kitchen cabinets and replacing them with open shelves and a custom made plate rack, enlarging and replacing two tiny windows in the aforementioned hideous addition.

Our latest project involves fixing the 1960's portion of the house once and for all. We've hired a builder who will tearing the roof off the back of the house and raising it by a foot. Currently, the ceiling back there is barely seven feet high. We're also demolishing a small covered porch, and rebuilding and enlarging it to create a new room. Once the building is done, I will do some major rearranging of rooms--turning what is now the kids' playroom into the dining room. The old dining room will be a family room, and the new room will be a quiet study space off the family room.

The work began on Monday.

Geez. I need to learn a few things about putting photos into entries here. Those are not placed the way I want them, but they'll do for now.

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