Monday, March 13, 2006

Progress is made

Workmen arrived last week, jackhammered part of our back stairs and dug a hole . The next day, we were told an inspector from the city was to arrive and inspect the hole so that they could pour the footing. I got a bit worried, because even after living in C'ville for eight years, I am still used to what passes for city government in Buffalo, NY, my hometown. I assumed that "the inspector is coming today" meant, "the inspector will show up at any time between now and 2012, preferably at a time that is a maximum inconvenience for all involved." But Charlottesville surprised me once again, with an inspector arriving promptly at 10:00am. She approved the hole, too.

Naturally, with four kids and two dogs, it is impossible to keep them away from the work area. The evening after the hole was dug, Drama Queen, for reasons best known to herself, opened the back door, allowing the dogs to rush headlong towards the abyss. She grabbed the collar of Luna, our older dog, whose weight threatened to pull them both into the hole. Meanwhile, our other dog, Sancho, rocketed out the door and half-fell off the sheer edge of what was left of the steps. It was life imitating art. If you've seen The Fellowship of the Ring, think back to the scene where they're fleeing Moria down the endless stairs that collapse at their feet, nearly sending all of them to the very pit of hell. Our ordeal at the edge of the steps was similar--with me in the role of Aragorn. I managed to haul everyone to safety, but just barely.

I'm used to a different blogging site that is more user friendly--at least as far as publishing photos is concerned. How in the heck to I get my pictures to go where I want them. I am accustomed to pics appearing wherever I have left my cursor, but this site wants to put them all up at the top of every entry. Perhaps some kind soul can tell me what I'm doing wrong--if anyone actually reads this. At *cough* Xanga *cough* I actually get comments. Oh God, having trouble once again getting this post to appear. When will I get the hang of this place. Cleared cache. Giving it another go.

Explanation of pictures from top to bottom:
1. The back porch, or "Tool room" after I'd cleared it out.
2. Oddly oriented picture of foundation hole.
3.The "tool room" before I'd cleared it out.

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