Friday, April 28, 2006

Day in the life of a hip SAHM

Today is one of the two happiest days of the month for thousands of area residents: UVA payday! I had the day off, and some money to spend, so I got to pretend to be a hip SAHM. I've been feeling deprived, as the only remaining person in the civilized world never to have tasted a bubble tea, and after a hard morning of homeschooling, we needed some refreshment. And what do you know—a new place, Tea Time Desires has opened on the downtown mall, directly across the street from the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar.

Tea Time Desires sells bubble teas, in a wide variety of flavors, slushies, milkshakes as well as dumplings and cold noodle dishes. My kids each got a slushie, kiwi and mint. I ordered a latte-flavored bubble tea. I'm a little unclear on the concept of bubble tea: “Hey! Let's put tiny eyeballs in flavored drinks that have no apparent relation to tea and call them bubble tea!” Not to criticize Tea Time Desires. I'm sure their bubble teas are all that a bubble tea should be, and more. Mine was certainly tasty, but I couldn't get used to the bubbles—they are pulled up through a giant straw as you sip and there's a slight resistance as the bubble exits the straw and is birthed into your mouth. It's exactly like that—a little birth each time a bubble squeezes through the straw. My children liked their slushies, but could not finish them. I don't think bubble tea is something I'm going to crave regularly, but they are one of those things it's fun to experience. In general, we liked the atmosphere at Tea Time Desires and we'd like to return and try some of their non-tea offerings. I'm especially curious about the tofu and vegetable bun.

We rounded out our morning with a trip to the McIntire Rd recycling center. Since our renovation started, I've had to start storing the recycling in my car, and it's imperative to stop by and unload stuff often. Those plastic milk jugs start to stink almost immediately, no matter how well you rinse them.
Finally, we stopped by the library, downtown. I just love the library. We exited with a bulging totebag of books including a biography of Amelia Earhart that my ten year old selected and a new novel by Philip Pullman, Clockwork, that my seven year old wants to read. I think it will be a little hard for him, but he insists he wants to read it and I don't want to discourage him. I got The Jewel in the Crown by Paul Scott and Anywhere but Here by Mona Simpson.

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  1. I meant to comment the other day, Spring has brought out the best of my wannabe hip SAHM; trips to the downtown mall, picnic lunches at various parks and other fun stuff where I get to hang with the kids. Summer awaits were the pools beckon.