Sunday, April 23, 2006

My kingdom for a skirt

It's a slow day at my usually hectic workplace, and I'm trying to do a little shopping. All I want is a basic summer skirt; something that will go with a variety of different tops. There is nothing out there. I've been to the websites of the Gap, J.Crew, Boden USA, and Anthropologie and have now exhausted my online shopping options. The very few acceptable skirts I've seen are already sold out in my size. Linen skirts with a drawstring waist are everywhere this year, and they're all very well, but I bought a skirt like that last year. Plus, I wore it to work recently and a coworker thought I had an isolation gown tied around my waist. J. Crew might want to rethink their designs.

I guess there's nothing else to do, but make a round of C'ville's boutiques. Eloise is my favorite. Their prices are high, but the few items I've bought there are things I wear over and over. Bittersweet is fun, and has lower prices. I sometimes find nice things there, and I noticed a new shop where Sweet Beets used to be. I think it's called George, or something, and from a distance it looks like a clothing store although I could be wrong about that.

In my household, this weekend is dominated by the annual Children's Dance Festival, hosted by Miki Liszt of the Miki Liszt Dance Company. This is a round-up of dances performed by students from schools around the area. I'm stuck at work today, but I watched the dress rehearsal last night.

My two daughters, who study classical ballet under Nicole McGurn with "Class with Nicole" are dancing today. I know most people recoil with horror at having to sit through a dance recital, but I think they're fun. I've always loved dance. Miami City Ballet it's not, but it's lively and most of the dances are well done, and the kids have obviously worked hard.

Edited to add that it hit me like a clap of thunder that I ought to try Banana Republic and there I found what may be an acceptable summer skirt. Banana Republic has a neat "shop for casual looks" feature which displays entire outfits. When you click on an outfit you like, you're given options to buy each piece of clothing, along with the shoes, belt, jewelry, and even the underwear the model is wearing with that outfit. Shopping for the unimaginative, but it's an amusing way to pass the time when you're bored, with nothing to look at other than a computer.

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