Monday, April 10, 2006

Walls and thugs.

We have walls. Also pictured: some of our old clapboard, peeking out from behind the stucco. It looks like the house was originally white with black trim, which reminds me of summer cottages on the Lake Erie shore in Ontario. That big opening will be a window, but not a picture window. (No!) There'll be a bank of three two-over-two mullioned windows that match the windows in the old part of the house.

And now for something completely different.

A message to the feral kids out there: if you go breaking into cars at night, you may just find yourself getting chased down by a crazed man in a minivan, as happened to a group of local kids in my neighborhood this weekend. They're lucky he didn't catch them.

When we lived on the west side of Buffalo, NY (our hometown) my car was broken into at least twenty times. I never locked the doors, and so was spared a smashed windshield. The thieves would rifle my music collection--they never seemed to want my Tom Waits tapes--and otherwise leave my car unscathed. I never bothered to call the police and never got particularly upset. I decided I'd rather live in the city and have my car broken into every night of the week rather than live in the suburbs. Somehow it was different when it happened here in Charlottesville. Maybe it's because I drive a nicer car than I did in our Buffalo days, or maybe it's that the kids turned on J and moved to assault him when he confronted them. At any rate, it was all rather upsetting. The police came, but of course they didn't catch the kids, who had rifled our car as well as several others on our street. (Nothing was stolen from my car.) J swears he saw them at Stoney's the next day, paying for their purchases with large amounts of change.


  1. Last night at the neighborhood association meeting, a neighbor who lives on the other side of Avon up in the north end of Belmont brought up that the Ix building used to give free rent to the police; they had a substation there. But recently they started to charge them, so they moved the substation over to Walker Square. Unfortunately it doesn't look likely that they'll come back. And the drug dealing activity and has migrated up here as a result.

    I don't know if that has anything to do with your car being broken into, but it's kind of sad anyway.

  2. When I lived in Belmont, car damage was cyclical. It wasn't frequent, but I lost more than one antenna.