Friday, May 26, 2006

drywall hell

Our renovation is progressing. The workmen have gone, and J and I have been working hard on finishing the drywall. Since we work opposite shifts, J and I almost never work together, and a certain inconsistency in the covering of seams has become a problem. Not to worry, I devised a so-clever-it-ought-to-be-patented plan of color coding the seams so we know at a glance which ones still need work. I bought yard sale stickers and put green stickers on all the seams I think are finished, red on the ones that need more coats of mud, and yellow on the ones I think might be finished, but want J's opinion, since he's the one with the drywalling experience. I enjoy applying the mud, but the sanding is horrible. The other day, I got a fabulous haircut at Moxie, then went straight back to sanding, with my hair tied up in a bandanna. Two hours later, my kids caught me weeping on the floor of the new room. "I can't manipulate this drywall, and I ruined my new haircut!" I sobbed.

I want to post some pictures, but our internet connection is so slow, it's too frustrating right now. Pages are so slow to load, I've been reading magazines while waiting. We have portable broadband (wireless) and it's inconsistent. Sometimes it's fast, and other times it's even slower than dial up. And we live right near the tower, too. Don't get suckered into buying it. We're in the process of switching to DSL.

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