Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Paint Chip is Always Greener...

Oh, what have I done? I chose “White Jade” as the color for our new rooms, and now I'm kicking myself, thinking that “Morning Waterfall” would have been better. My rooms are green, green, green. They look like 500 cartons of Bryer's Mint Chip ice cream exploded in there. I'm not going to repaint—yet. What I'm hoping is that once the door and window casings, the crown molding and baseboards are installed (they will all be white) the immense expanse of minty freshness will be broken up and become less oppressive. Plus, I need furniture. Lots of white, with a bit of pink would look good against all that green.

I also learned that one should never, try to conduct any sort of business on the first Tuesday after a Monday holiday. I always avoid banks on these Tuesdays, but who knew that all Charlottesville would be at Meadowbrook Hardware yesterday, attending to the hardware needs they couldn't take care of on Memorial Day? The paint counter was a scene reminiscent of a battle ground. We finally emerged with our paint, but in the confusion, I left my paint chip behind and now I'm annoyed, because I swear this paint dried a lot darker than it looked on the chip. And those paint chip cards make the best bookmarks.

Speaking of books, I just finished a novel about the Peloponnesian War--The Road to Sardis by Stephanie Plowman. You can't get it in Charlottesville, since it's out of print and not included in the collections at either the public library or the UVA libraries. I had to do inter-library loan. A sad book, but some of the events in the book parallel modern events in an oddly striking way, particularly since this book was written in 1966. Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesion War is also on my book list, and I'd been putting off reading it, but now I feel more interest.
Now reading A Severed Head by Iris Murdoch.

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  1. This response has little to do with your post. I apologize for that. But I do understand you problems with colors. Swatches never give you what the full experience would be.

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