Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pointless and Rambling, but mainly about food.

The scary thing about installing your own insulation is when the city comes to inspect it. We passed, which is a relief. I thought for sure, she'd point to a few of the saggier batts and insist we rip them out and start again.

We went back to Tea Time Desires today, this time for lunch. I had the steamed pork dumplings, which were delicious. The prices are low, and I was expecting tiny portions, so I was astonished that the spicy chicken noodle dish my children ordered was a heaping plateful of noodles. These also were tasty, with cilantro being the dominant flavor. I had another bubble tea and liked it better than the first. Last week, when I tried my first bubble tea, I didn't realize I was coming down with a mild stomach virus, which may have been the reason I had difficulty drinking it.

Speaking of food, I'm having a grand time with a cookbook I picked up at the Northside Library: Feast From the Middle East by Faye Levy. Tonight for dinner we had the Chicken Pecan Bulgur Cakes with a tahini dip and a spinach and feta salad, plus the "Queen of Sheba" chocolate cake, which is more like a souffle than a cake: whipped egg whites, bittersweet chocolate, ground almonds, butter, and a minimum amount of sugar plus a bittersweet chocolate glaze. I highly recommend this book, but you can't have it yet because I'm keeping it the full three weeks. Also reading The Jewel in the Crown by Paul Scott. This is volume I of "The Raj Quartet" and I thought it was going to be a lame, written-with-a-mini-series-in-mind sort of novel, but it's a serious work of literature.

Before and after renovation pictures! Pictured first: back of house before renovation. Next: back of house now, with new, higher roof. The two final pictures show the newly built room which replaces an old unfinished porch where we used to throw tools and recycling. This porch was demolished, enlarged, with a new foundation, and rebuilt. New stairs down to the deck were also built. I'll try and sneak in another "before" picture.

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