Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First day of school

Charlottesville City schools started yesterday. Each of my four children is in a different city school, which means we're in for a crazy year. I had been homeschooling my two youngest children, but this year enrolled everyone in public school because I am going to school myself this semester, and working part-time and just don't have the time to homeschool anymore.

First day of school was a success, I think. No one missed the bus, everyone got home safely. I was late going to meet my second-grader and he surprised me by arriving at the door just as I was getting ready to leave. He wasn't traumatized at having no one to meet the bus, just happy to be home. He was cheerful and told me all about his day, which included eating cupcakes because one kid had a birthday today. The girls seem pleased with their schools too--one is at Walker, the other at Buford-- although Miss G has not been officially placed in any classes because they still need to assess her. It seems they've put her in the above grade level classes as a default.

Mad Scientist wouldn't tell me anything about his first day of high school. At least not at first. Later, he commented that he was the only kid in his history class who'd heard of the Epic of Gilgamesh. (Because I read it out loud to him and Drama Queen a few years ago.) “What did your teacher say?” I demanded breathlessly. Mad glared at me. “Nothing.”

What did I expect the teacher to say, “Mad Scientist, I am so impressed that you are familiar with Gilgamesh! You must have a truly impressive and excellent mother. Let me look up your phone number so I can call her and congratulate her on her perspicacity.”

No, of course I didn't expect the teacher to say that!

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