Monday, August 07, 2006

Stupid Sprint

I know that Sprint (now Embarq) is notorious for poor customer service. For a while, it seemed that every other column by Barbara Nordin--the consumer reporter for The Hook (or is it Cville Weekly?) was about someone having a run-in with Sprint. I considered myself lucky that we've had a relatively trouble-free relationship with our phone service provider.

Until today.

We recently switched our internet service from Ntelos to Embarq, and for some reason this involved "upgrading" our phone service. You see, if we upgraded, we'd get the $10-dollar-a-month cheaper DSL, plus caller ID. We'd previously had no long distance service on our home phone, but part of this upgrade requires us to get Embarq long distance, which, I was assured would cost us nothing, but was required for the DSL bundling package. Whatever. I was on the phone with them for something like 45 minutes, but our new modem arrived promptly and the new internet service is great.

But here's the problem, I got a letter the other day saying, "...To ensure your service is activated quickly, please call us today at 866-406-7717....If we have not heard from you in 10 days, your order will be cancelled."

So I called the number. It's a non-working number! The fucking phone company sends me a letter telling me to call a fucking non-working number!

I don't care if I have long-distance service or not, we have no need for it on our home phone, but I don't want our internet service to be disconnected over something so silly. My options are to a.) do nothing and see what happens, b.)call Embarq, wait on hold for at least 20 minutes and get the correct number, or c.) try calling tomorrow--maybe it's just a bad day for Embarq today and their phones aren't working. Or d.) vent about it on my blog and then do nothing.

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