Friday, October 06, 2006

Fifteen nanoseconds of fame

I was reading some old entries at my Xanga site, and I thought I'd share this one that I wrote in September, 2005 since it is of local interest.

Today's adventure: we were filmed in a political TV commercial.

This morning, we noticed all kinds of to-doing in the park across the street and went over to investigate. A commercial was about to be filmed for Creigh Deeds, who is the democratic candidate for Virginia Attorney General. Miss G and Mr. McP were invited to join, as kids playing in the background, and they asked me to be in it too. I was sent to make-up first, the producer saying, "We need to put some powder on, er, that," 'that' being my large forehead. J, arriving late on the scene, wondered, "Who's the hot chick in the chair?" and then realized it was me.

First, we--Creigh Deeds, another woman and I--were filmed talking. I had to stand on a box to camouflage my shortness. Next, Deeds was filmed playing with the kids (a carefully balanced mix of black and white) on the playground, while I hovered in the background as a token parent. Last, Deeds and I had to stand and talk--the focus of this commercial was "Keeping our children safe" and Deeds played the concerned politician, while I played the Concerned Parent. In reality, we talked about how ridiculous we felt. The cameraman kept urging us to stand closer, "That's right, unnaturally close," he joked. The last time I stood that close to a man in a public setting, a priest was saying, "I now pronounce you man and wife.”

Of course, the campaign that commercial was for is now long over with. When the commercial aired, all that showed of me was a brief glimpse of the back of my head. It's just as well. As Deeds and I stood talking for the cameras, I realized I'd walked out of the house without a bra.

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