Saturday, October 14, 2006

Snow Patrol

My dad called me to say that at his house in Buffalo, they got 26 inches of snow, on October 12.
Since trees in full leaf can't handle the weight of heavy snow, many, many trees have fallen and hundreds of thousands of people are without power, heat, and water. The loss of that many trees is devastating.

This is the sixth snowiest 24 hour period in Buffalo's history, or at least in the 137 years they've been keeping track. I remember that 37.9 inch snowfall in December 1995. It was a Sunday. The entire 37.9 inches fell between 7:00 am and 7:00pm. And yet, I managed to drive to work the next day (and I did not have 4 wheel drive.) We Buffalonians know how to handle snow.

My Dad used World War II imagery to describe the aftermath: "Like Berlin after WWII" is how he described it. Interestingly, my SIL also referenced WWII in describing this storm. She said it made her think of London, being bombed, since you'd hear the crack of a tree breaking, and worry for a few seconds before you heard the thud. With each crack, you wondered if this would be the tree to crush your house. Buffalo hasn't even recovered from the Dutch Elm plague--I think that was 40 years ago--and now 50% of its trees are damaged.

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