Sunday, December 10, 2006

Five Pillars of Urban Living--part II

Local Newspaper

I'm sorry. I started to write a series, and then neglected it. I've been busy with final exams and projects. Also, I've been hesitant to write about C'ville's newspaper. When I mentioned the local newspaper as one of the pillars of urban living, I meant the degree to which that paper reflects the city's local character, as well as the quality of the news reporting. I don't know how to say, without sounding unbearably fatuous, that I have no complaint about the locally written articles in our daily paper. I don't subscribe to the Daily Progress because it has little more local character than USA Today. With a few exceptions. The letters to the editor are sometimes highly entertaining, although I wish there were more of them. Today's paper, the Sunday paper, has just one letter to the editor. What's up with that? I prefer, however, to read the C'ville Weekly or The Hook, although their coverage of some issues is unashamedly biased. It would be nice if the Daily Progress had its own Sunday Magazine instead of brainless, aimed-at-the-lowest-common-denominator Parade or USA Weekend or whatever it is they put in the Sunday paper. Charlottesville's newsreaders deserve better than that.