Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Introducing George

There are a million things I ought to have accomplished in my few moments of free time, that never got done. What did I do instead? I aquired another pet. This is George.

My children had been begging for a bunny for over a year. I had reservations. When I was a child, I thought a bunny would make an ideal pet, and any time I met a kid who had a bunny, I'd ask to see it and was always taken to a shabby hutch back of the garage that housed a depressed dutch bunny that refused to come out of his nest box.
It was with scepticism that I read the bunny care books that claimed that bunnies are affectionate pets. Nevertheless, after a year of research, we went to Pet Forum and parted with the considerable amount of cash needed to help a bunny set up housekeeping in my daughters' bedroom. And he is sweet. The books are right, bunnies are affectionate. They show their love by hopping around you in circles. George is not particularly discrminating, and lavishes his affection on whoever happens to open his cage door. He'll fall asleep lying across your chest, or cuddle up against your side. He purrs--a sound so faint you aren't sure you're really hearing it. A bunny's purr is a quiet buzzing, combined with gentle clicks of the teeth. We bought a bunny leash and take him for walks in Belmont Park. He has achieved an uneasy detente with our older dog, Luna. They can be in the same room together, unrestrained, but need constant supervision. Our younger dog, Sancho, can not be trusted around the bunny yet.

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  1. we have a cat named luna :) that bunny is adorable.