Monday, June 04, 2007


I always feel guilty, passively accepting entertainment in a movie theater, but with the sad remnants of Tropical Depression Barry raining down on us, we had nothing better to do, so we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: at World's End. With the Pirates movies, you have two choices: you can sit there rolling your eyes, making snide comments about plot idiocies, or you can blockade all the common sense in your brain and just have fun. I opted for the latter. From the very first moment the plot is hideously complicated. I realized, with something akin to panic, that I'd forgotten everything that had happened in the second movie, other than the kiss between Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow. Then I reflected that this doesn't matter. Surely Disney does not expect its audience to have long memories. And so I relaxed and watched Sparrow & co. wrangle with that most deadly of enemies, the East India Trading Company, which apparently has the authority to order the governors of small British colonies to their deaths with impunity. But there I go rolling my eyes again. The dealings, double dealings and betrayals are dizzying, but Jack Sparrow never loses sight of the Heart of the matter.

The movie is every bit as fantastic as a Greek myth. The acting is good too. Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbosa is marvelous. Who else could steal a scene from Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow? Keith Richards makes a pointless appearance as Jack Sparrow's father. He's the official Keeper of the Pirate Code, and he takes his job very seriously. I liked the Calypso storyline too. None of the reviews I read even mentioned Naomie Harris. Recommended for thinking and non-thinking viewers alike.

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