Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Better living with chemistry

The house painting continues apace. The first day scraping, I used an old five-in-one, with less than spectacular results. Having the proper tools always makes a job easier, so I went off to the hardware store--where they have come to know me, since I've been gracing them with daily visits lately--and bought a proper paint scraper, plus a neat little razor scraper. I set to work once again on Mad Scientist's window. This is more like it, I thought, and firmly dragged the proper paint scraper across the window frame. Instantly, my ears were assaulted with a nails-on-a-chalkboard screech so appalling I almost fell off the roof. Luckily, the razor scraper works very well indeed, and Jon, who is partially deaf, doesn't mind using the other one.

I made good progress on Mad Scientist's window, and then made an unpleasant discovery: We have rot.

Not to worry, there are, I discovered, all manner of epoxies and chemicals for your rotting wood needs. If you believe what you read on the internet, you can transform your house from this,

to this,

in three EZ steps.

Off I went to the hardware store, again, and purchased some chemicals. There are a lot of scary warnings on the label:

Failure to follow these instructions will result the total destruction of the ozone layer, a rise in the temperature of the earth's atmosphere by seven degrees centigrade and your grandchildren being born as hermaphrodites. If you ingest this product, you will die. If you inhale this product, you will die. If you get this product in your eyes, you will lose your sight. And then you will die.

But when I opened the container, I had an immediate flashback memory to my early childhood. Putty! My father must have used it.

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  1. "If you get this product in your eyes, you will lose your sight. And then you will die."

    :-D That's awesome.