Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Live Town Meeting

Right this very minute, I am on the phone LIVE with Virgil Goode. How did this happen? My phone rang, and when I answered, I got recording of Virgil Goode's Vuginiuh Genlemun's voice inviting me to stay on the line and be connected to a live conference call "town meeting" with Goode. Various people around the fifth district are connected too, and are asking questions, mainly about the Immigration Bill. To queue up to ask a question, you press pound.

Oh jeez. Everybody hates the immigration bill. I don't like it either, but not for the same reasons these callers don't. Can this be for real? My mind is a blank and I can't think of anything to say to Goode.

The guy talking now sounds drunk. Still, he's complaining about the war in Iraq, so that's good. Let's see what Goode says: "Radical Islam, Radical Islam...blah blah..."

People are concerned about Social Security too. Any time a caller expresses a view that opposes Goode's views, he says, "Ah thank you for your call," and then they disappear.

7:15 Now there's a lady complaining about how her neighborhood is "overrun with immigrants" and how they're all in gangs and she "sees the drug deals". What a crock of shit.

I don't support the Immigration Bill because I see it as legalized exploitation of an uneducated workforce, not because I fear the immigrants themselves.

7:19 A teacher is complaining about NCLB--a refreshing change from the immigrant-bashing. Goode doesn't like it either and wants to "make it optional" and sees himself in a fight against an unholy "Bush-Kennedy Alliance."

7:31 Now there's a guy complaining about the xenophobic attitude of the anti-immigration commenters. He's asking how Goode plans to pay for his plan to "march all the illegal immigrants across the border."

7:38 Now the vast majority of callers are from Charlottesville and Albemarle. Earlier it seemed like people from other areas.

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