Friday, June 01, 2007

Supremely satisfying

What is more satisfying than getting paid for unloading your trash?

I am a purger. I have to be. I live in a 1600 sq. ft. house with four children, a husband, two dogs and a bunny. We have one closet (plus a tiny coat closet), no garage, and a basement that is not suitable for storage, and yet our house is not cluttered. This is because I ruthlessly and religiously rid our space of any superfluous possessions. I enjoy doing this. One of my favorite ways to vent my anger is to furiously pack up pretty much anything in my line of site and donate it to charity. My philosophy: If it pisses me off, I throw it out.

J and I are getting new gutters, and J, impatient, started tearing the old gutters off the house. Soon we had a sad pile of crushed, foul smelling aluminum in the yard. I called Coiner's and they said they'd take it. J jeered at me as we loaded the minivan. "You'll probably get $.50," he said. This was my first visit to Coiner's. We drove down the long dusty driveway along the side of the CSX tracks and faced a bewildering array of industrial sheds and piles of scrap. Large trucks rumbled past. I noticed a dirty sign labeled "DROP OFF CANS, BATTERIES....HERE." We parked and lugged our 18 pounds of gutter (all we'd removed today, but less than a quarter of the house's total gutterage) and tossed them onto a scale. A man gave us a receipt, told us where to go to get paid, and 30 seconds later we were handed $7.20.

Not only did we save ourselves the trouble and cost of arranging a large trash pick up, we recycled some aluminum, got rid of an unsightly pile of trash and got paid besides. I am basking in my awesomeness.

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  1. Very good to hear, as we have been removing aluminum siding and were wondering if we'd be able to get anything for it!