Saturday, August 18, 2007


I let my son install Linux as our operating system, replacing Windows XP. I hope it wasn't a big mistake, but we just got our computer recovered from a virus attack and he has been harping on my about Linux for ages. We'll see.


  1. What flavor of Linux did he install? Ubuntu? Red Hat?

  2. He installed Fedora Core 7, because that is what he's used to. He's already fixed a mouse bug and the screen resolution. I'm anxious about installing the printer and getting my mp3 player to work, and I don't like the program you have to use to make itunes compatible with Linux, but I'm hopeful that things will work out.

  3. I use Ubuntu, myself, but most of the internals work the same way between the various GNU/Linux OSes.

    The MP3 player should just plug right in, and I recommend Amarok as a music library organizer.

    Printers vary. I think CUPS (Common Unix Print System) should handle everything, but that might be outdated info. :-)