Monday, August 20, 2007

School open houses

Today is a big day for parents of kids in the Charlottesville City public schools--open houses were today. This year I'm fortunate in that my four children are in just three city school, as opposed to four different schools, like last year.

We go to CHS tonight, but Drama Queen, entering ninth grade, has many of the same teachers Mad Scientist had, and they were all excellent, so I don't have too many worries. She's in honors English, honors Geometry, French, Orchestra, honors World History and honors Biology. She is worried about getting lost, and, remembering last year's open house, I'm resting my legs right now in order to be prepared for tonight. Mad Scientist, a 10th grader, is taking both chemistry and physics this year, plus pre-calculus, French, and honors English and history. Unfortunately, he quit orchestra.

My youngest child, Mr. McP, goes to Jackson-Via and the scene there today was grim. I don't care what the school board says, all the city elementary schools are not the same. I homeschooled for two years, specifically to keep my two youngest kids out of Jackson-Via. (My older children went to Burnley-Moran.) I do not want my son to spend six hours a day reading junky non-literature,--I hate the indiscriminate "all books are equal" approach to reading so popular in schools where many kids don't read much. You should see the excellent reading list at Peabody and compare it to the crap the kids read in the public schools. At Jackson-Via, I fear my son will be encouraged to become a mediocrity, a drone, and I can't have that but I also don't want to give up nursing school in order to educate him myself. Have decided to view Jackson-Via as his daycare, and enrich his education in the evening.

Next, we went to Walker Upper Elementary. Laaaaaaaaaa! Walker is my favorite of the city schools: a host of bright, enthusiastic teachers, an orderly, well organized environment--all of my children have thrived at Walker. We will miss Mr. Henderson, the former principal, but I've heard good things about the new one.

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  1. Don't you just love your orchestra teacher at CHS? My daughter is friends with LT's younger daughter, so I've gotten to know LT and she is a hoot.

    As for your issues with J-V, have you expressed your concerns with the teacher, which a friend of mine there has found to be helpful? How about the Quest teacher? Or maybe even the librarian, HP, who is actually one of my neighbors and whom I know to be receptive to this sort of thing?