Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Set in Stone

All I said was, "This house is a mess," whence followed the unusual occurrence of Jon and me working together to clean without getting into a fight. If only it had ended there.

We have a wood burning stove in our living room. It came with the house and it sticks awkwardly out into the room. When we first bought the house, Jon was enthusiastic about it and we had many fires, which were messy, and really, not very exciting, considering the amount of work involved in firing up the woodstove, when you only use it occasionally. More exciting: when squirrels and birds came down the chimney. Well, exciting, but not exactly desirable.

Today turned out to be Get Rid of Stove Day. Between Mad Scientist, Jon and I, we managed to load the thing onto a dolly and wheel it onto the front porch, where I guarantee it will sit for the next six years. We are now without a way to cook our risotto when the apocalypse comes, but we've added four square feet to our living room. It's all about priorities.

Naturally, you can't sit a wood burning stove on a wood floor, and ours rested on a little stone platform, bordered with some nicely polished wood. The nicely polished wood came up easily and I felt encouraged, but encouragement soon turned to unhappiness when we realized that the stones sit on a thick bed of concrete poured directly onto the hardwood floor.

I did a set of google searches titled with themes of "someone poured concrete on our hardwood floor" but can find no internet support for solving this problem. It's a good thing we still have the tiny sledge hammer Jon gave me to demolish the bathroom tiles.

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  1. C'ville has an active Freecycle community if you're really serious about getting rid of your wood stove quickly.