Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stone again

Jon got up all the concrete. The wood floor underneath is in surprisingly good condition. The previous owners refinished the floors and then put down the stone base for the stove. I just need to fill in some gouges created by Jon's efforts yesterday. Or maybe I could just put a couch over it.

There is still a short length of black pipe sticking out of the wall--the umbilicus of my living room. I pulled on it gently and it started easing its way out, but Jon is at work and I am afraid of something scary coming out of the hole--a cave cricket or other undesirable life form. There may even be an old fireplace behind the drywall. This old stove was hooked up to the house's original central chimney. There's a second old chimney at the corner of the house, which I think was part of the old coal burning furnace, so what other purpose would the central chimney have served, other than a fireplace?

I'm thinking of Craigslisting the stove. If anyone is interested in a Vermont Castings wood burning stove--it's at least 10 years old, and two of the legs need to be reattached (I think it's just a matter of replacing the screws)--let me know.


  1. I might be interested in that stove for my room over the detached garage I plan on finishing off. Any thought on price? Could you post a pic?

  2. Congrats on getting the concrete up. I would have thought it would have been a lot more difficult.

    Hope the first day of school went well for you guys. My girls are flat-out exhausted.

    I got your comment earlier. I understand your concerns regarding the differences between B-M and J-V. When we were looking for houses, we only considered Greenbrier and Venable and actually reach a point when we weren't interested in Venable at all. The six schools are all different academically, socially, etc. That said, each school has its strengths and you might just be pleased by what you find at J-V.

  3. Now a coworker of my husband's is interested, but I'll try to get a picture up in case he decides against it. We just installed Linux, and I haven't yet attempted to upload pictures with the new operating system.