Thursday, September 27, 2007


Back in the fold. We gave up on Linux and have returned to Windows XP as our operating system. It was a nice experiment, and I got addicted to the "Same Gnome" game that comes with it (Daughter Drama Queen got really good at mah jong) but I was sick of not having itunes, of not being able to synchronize my palm pilot with my desktop, of my scanner being inoperable. Our "flavor" of Linux (Fedora) was buggy, too. Toward the end, it was taking a long time to boot up, and my word processing program developed annoying glitches, such as the change the color of the font function disappearing. This sounds like a minor thing, but when you have been reading through a twelve page book list for three years and are color-coding the books as you read them, according to how much you liked them, the lack of colored fonts is extremely vexing. For a while I got around it by coming to my blog, typing in text and applying the appropriate color and then copying it into my book list, but after a while even that didn't work. Oh and the screen resolution was screwed up--everything on the screen appeared HUGE. My son would fix it but it would always go back to the huge resolution.

Lots of annoyances.


  1. I have to say, that I understand almost none of this. Apparently, that would be a reflection of my liberal arts college degree. :-)

  2. Oh dear, that sounds like quite a mess. I can understand where the hardware problems came from, but the highlighting issue... I got nothin'.

    (Yeah, I'm addicted to Same as well. :-P)