Monday, September 17, 2007

Old GRE scores?

I took my GREs long ago and have lost my scores. Does anyone know how I can get them? I went to the GRE website, which had no information on that topic.

Learning to be a nurse is like being a newborn baby. The most basic tasks become hideously complicated when you are doing them with a patient who has mobility or cognitive issues (or both).


  1. Is there some sort of toll-free number you can call to talk to someone in GRE-land?

  2. Did you ever find out the answer to locating old GRE scores? I find myself in the same boat right now?

  3. Passing double nickel--I did find them-in a box in my closet. I never found out how to get official scores from the GRE people.

  4. Scores are good for five years. If your score was from within that time frame, you can obtain a copy of your score from your MyGRE account at, but if you have no idea what that account is, you can get a copy (for a $27 fee) using the Additional Score Report Request Form from and checking the box for "Test Taker Copy Only."

    Mostly I'm saying this in case anyone ever stumbles on this post hoping for an answer. I actually do standardized test stuff for a living, so I like to share info when I know it!