Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An entertaining spectacle

Nothing like displaying your near-naked body to the entire neighborhood at 11:30 on a sunny Saturday morning. It happened like this: Just stepping out of the bath, I heard pathetic whimperings coming from the next room. I wrapped myself in a towel and went to investigate. My daughters, Drama Queen and Miss G were out on the front porch roof repairing a Halloween banner they'd made. They'd instructed their little brother, Mr. McP to hold the window open for them. The window is heavy and the storm window had fallen, so he was holding both. I took the window burden from him and immediately the storm window came completely loose and swung out of the frame. What's the best way to call attention to yourself when you are standing in an open window, wearing nothing but a towel? Scream “Goddammit!” repeatedly and as loudly as possible.
Drama Queen miraculously caught the storm window before it shattered on the porch roof, and I somehow managed to hold up the heavy sash, maneuver the storm window into the house, and not let my towel fall off—which it wanted to do very much.
So my corner of Belmont got to enjoy the sight of a crazy screaming naked lady who apparently lets her kids play on the roof.
Other than that it was a fun weekend. We got together with friends on Saturday and Sunday and last night we ate dinner at the C&O on the dime of the pharmaceutical industry.

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