Friday, October 12, 2007

Porch life

Here's a picture of our fabulous Halloween wreath. (Did I mention directions can be found in this month's Country Home magazine?)

I took some other pictures of our messy porch. My porch gives the impression of slovenliness. I was not raised in the type of household where life's detritus tends to collect on the front porch and neither was my husband. And yet, my front porch looks like something that would fit right in on Green Acres. I was raised in a house so immaculate you were afraid to touch anything. My father's whole family is extraordinarily tidy. This summer, at my aunt's house, there was a crisis involving a toad that was headed into the pool's filter. She told me to get a stick, and I couldn't find a single twig, so immaculate was her back yard. Perhaps my porch is a sort of rebellion.

This is the woodburning stove we removed from the living room complete with "Trhyme" game. I still haven't listed it on Craigslist or Freecycle, although I fully intend to do so.

Mad Scientist's socks and satchel.

How many people have a well-thumbed copy of Locke on their porch? (This is Mad Scientist's reading choice, not mine.)


  1. such a pretty wreath! congratulations!

    our house was beginning to have that green acres feel for a while. first there was the isuzu trooper in the driveway that didn't pass inspection, that we couldn't bear to dump any more money into, and we also couldn't bear to part with. it became a shed.

    then there was the nice wooden desk that we found on the side of the road, that we couldn't fit in our house, that we covered with a tarp in a yard, that rotted. we ended up smashing apart the desk finally, and burning it! and the jeep we gave to habit for humanity.

    now there are just a bunch of dead dried up plants.

  2. The wreath is marvy. Are you trying to out-Martha Martha Stewart?

    EVERYONE'S porch gets messy. That's just life. Ours has the recycling bin, muddy soccer cleats, and various sports equipment -- just to list a few things.