Friday, October 12, 2007

Road rash

Embarrassing moment of the day: I fell while I was out running this morning. It was dark. I must have caught my toe on a sidewalk crack. A guy in a truck asked me if I was OK, which was nice. By that time, I had ascertained that my injuries were minor and was assessing my MP3 player which had turned off.

This reminded me of when my sister-in-law fell while running this summer. Her children's first reaction was, "Is the ipod OK?!"

I'm not particularly crafty, but yesterday my kids and I made a Halloween wreath. We wired Jack-be-little pumpkins to a wreath form, and added bittersweet berries, then used a glue gun to apply those black and orange wrapped candies that everybody hates but that you always find tons of in your child's trick-or-treat bag. I'll put up a picture later. I need to buy two more tiny pumpkins, but the wreath is quite fabulous and I am proud of it.

Does anyone like those orange and black candies?


  1. Your craftiness is scaring me. Aren't you famous for being the anti-decorator?

    I love those candies. They're peanut butter, right? Mmmm.