Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bill Bryson and other topics

It was such a beautiful day today, I decided to walk downtown, brave the trainload of tourists and immerse myself in the scene. I browsed in Two French Hens, which has been one of my favorite Charlottesville shops, since the days when it was Terracottage, and located in a tiny shop on West Main, near the train station. I went to Eloise and bought a sweatshirt. I browsed in Elsie's Garden, and that store on the mall with all the comfortable shoes--Two by Two? or something. The one that used to be one shop, but has since branched into two--one half selling clothes, the other shoes.

I also stopped in the library and got a pleasant jolt when I saw, sitting on the new books shelf, a brand-new book by Bill Bryson! I didn't know he'd written anything--it seems like "Thunderbolt Kid" just came out, and I haven't even read that one yet. This latest book is Shakespeare: The World as Stage and I am so excited to read it.


  1. The Shoe Store Next Door [to Boutique Boutique]?

    I love the women who staff those stores. They're so nice. And they sell awesome socks and tights.

    A somewhat not-so-secret: B-B has the nicest bathroom downtown.

  2. That's it--Boutique Boutique. Thanks.