Friday, November 02, 2007


I have now gone a full week without shopping at a chain supermarket. Today I went to Foods of All Nations. I think the entire world is having a bad day today. Usually, I love "Foods..." but today I had to fight through an impossible traffic jam just to get there, then there were parking spaces--I finally found one at the opposite end of the parking lot. (Popped into a little toy shop down at that end of Ivy Square. The Nazi action figures left me feeling a bit dazed.) Then I had to dodge drivers who weren't watching for pedestrians, then fight through more crowds in "Foods..." where there was a collection of rude customers today--shopping cart collisions, snarky eye-rolling, a woman talking loudly into her cell phone about how someone shouldn't worry because "she's definitely one of us," which left me feeling vaguely sad and rejected. The staff was polite, as always. I struggled out of the store with my potatoes and salad greens, my British tea and my cheap tahini, only to risk getting run over again on the way back to my car. I'm not saying I will never shop at "Foods" again, but I will definitely never shop there on a Friday afternoon again.

Last night, I nearly cheated. My daughter needed a treat to share with her class. She would not accept homemade cookies, since she's at the age when homemade cookies are embarrassing. Stoney's was closed, and Food Lion, just a quick drive down Avon St. was so tempting. I stayed strong, and we went to Reid's.

Summary so far: avoiding supermarkets means eating more whole foods and having access to more locally produced foods. I bought less packaged food this week, and I'm buying smaller amounts of food at a time because it's very difficult to buy enough to last six people for an entire week at the locally owned shops.

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