Friday, November 23, 2007

Saved by surprise guests and the end of the Local Food Stores Project

Three words people: CARAMEL BAKING BITS

Thanksgiving was fabulous. We live far from family and no one came down to stay with us, and Jon had to work until 7:30pm. I planned to serve our sad, lonely little dinner at 8:00pm so Jon could eat with us, but then he called from work to say he was bringing a few ER people (co-workers, not patients)home to eat with us. We had a party after all. My cooking is mediocre, but there was lots of alcohol.

Mediocre cooking aside, the turkey I bought at Foods of All Nations was perfect. I bought our entire thanksgiving meal at local food shops--the cashier at C'ville Market uttered a little gasp of surprise when my total came to over $100. It was delicious, and a fun experiment, but the only way to keep it up is to sacrifice the kids' college fund, so it's back to Harris-Teeter for me, although I will now always buy our bagels at Bodo's, because as long as you buy a full dozen, they're the same price as Giant's, and so much better.

Tomorrow we both have to work, and it is the UVA/Virginia Tech game, and there is a full moon.

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  1. Sounds very nice!

    I think the full moon comment vis a vis the craziness around tomorrow says it all. I'm hoping to hide at home all day and not go anywhere.