Monday, November 26, 2007

Last clinical day *and* where not to eat lunch

Today was the last clinical day of the semester. I feel like celebrating. It was a good day, too. I gave a patient a shot for the first time. I've come a long way since the day I accidentally drenched the tub room at the nursing home with antiseptic. (The nurse's aide told me to turn a nozzle in order to disinfect the tub, which I did without giving a single thought to what would happen once the nozzle was turned, i.e. a stream of soap spraying out of a hose I hadn't noticed, indeed didn't find for some minutes while I fruitlessly peered under the tub for a leak.)

Next semester we spend twice as much time at the hospital. Once I'm there, it's not so bad, but I don't like the nervousness beforehand, wondering what my patient will be like, if my nurse will be mean to me, if I'll make a horrible mistake. I've had difficult patients too--personally pleasant, but physically difficult. The last four weeks in a row I had patients who were unable to move at all, and two of those patients were also unable to speak or communicate their needs.

Our clinical group celebrated our last day by finishing early and going out to lunch. Unfortunately, everyone settled on Chili's. (I put in a quiet vote for the Tavern--we needed a place with parking). I'd never eaten there before, and the experience confirmed my aversion to chain restaurants. All I could think was, "If only we were at Aqui es Mexico, I could be eating a $5 plate of deliciousness." Instead I paid $8.99--$8.99!!!!--for a bland turkey sandwich. I didn't even finish my sandwich, it was so disappointing. I wanted to order a margarita--our instructor made a point of saying that alcohol for lunch was appropriate after all we'd been through--but no one else did, and I didn't want to be the lone drunk at Chilis during lunch. The Tuesday group went to Lord Hardwicks and had beer with their lunch.

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