Monday, December 17, 2007

Fatuous Observations

I felt I ought to offer a few, since it is the title of my site:

  1. People always become cheerful at the prospect of bacon.
  2. Harris-Teeter shoppers have better manners than Giant shoppers.
  3. The home dental care kit: more fun than anybody should be allowed to have.

I don't suppose enough people read this site to post outraged comments along the lines of, "I shop at Giant and I adopt homeless kittens!" "I shop at Giant and I donate my kidneys to orphans!"

I shop at Giant too, and the shopping experience there is no fun at all because everyone--shoppers & employees--is in a perpetual funk. I suppose I am too while I'm there. At Harris-Teeter, everyone radiates serenity, prosperity and contentment: "The concierge called in sick, so I thought I'd check out this grocery shopping thing. What fun!"

What else? The Jackson-Via mobile showed up at our house, startling the crap out of me. It is rare to have visitors during the day and Jon answered the door while Mr. McP and I peeked over the banister. "Mom, that looks like Mr. P my gym teacher!" said Mr. McP. Impossible, I said. But no, the car in the driveway had a Jackson-Via sign on the door. The assistant principal and the gym teacher had come over to see why Mr. McP wasn't in school today. He had a dentist appointment and I'd decided to let him skip for the whole day. If there's ever a time for a mental health day, it's when you've just been to the dentist.

Apparently it's school policy to pay a visit when a kid misses school. The reasoning is that many parents don't have cars, and if a child feels ill in the morning, and well again later, the school can pick him up and take him to school. "Better late than never" the ass't principal told Jon.