Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Scooter stolen

We are, as my mom would have said, "All in a fooster" (phooster?) today. Very early this morning, some Belmont shitbag with a bolt cutter stole Jon's scooter. I'm willing to bet it's now concealed in a shed or basement on Palatine Ave. or Sixth St. They can only have gone as far as they can have pushed it because, Jon says, you can't hotwire it. You're not going to get very far pushing a 178 pound scooter up Belmont's steep hills. I drove around looking for it, but it's hard to drive and look at the same time.

The thing that has me kicking myself is that one of our dogs gave a few half hearted barks during the night--moany, wimpy, I'm-bored barks--not OMG THERE'S AN INTRUDER barks so I ignored him. Jesus H. Christ, he barks his head off for every little old lady with a poodle who passes by in the park, but someone comes right up onto our front porch and cuts through a cable and all he can do is moan a little?

I'm hoping that either it will be found, or the thieves will abandon it when they realize they can't start it. Otherwise I think our homeowner's insurance will pay for it. We have no garage, but I guess the future scooter will have to live in the basement.

If anyone notices their shady neighbor suddenly acquired a shiny red and black Piaggio Typhoon, send a comment my way. :)

EDIT: It's possible the scooter was painted bright yellow by the thieves. Today, twice, I heard the sound of a scooter engine that sounded just like Jons. Both times I saw a bright yellow scooter going up Avon St. The first time, I immediately dismissed that idea that it was Jon's because of the color. The second time, I noticed the driver was looking at me, really staring, as he drove past. (My house is not on Avon St., but is separated from it by a large vacant lot, and we get a good view of cars going up and down that big hill.) Anyway, I thought it strange that I'd never noticed this yellow scooter before, and today I saw it twice, and its driver seemed very interested in staring at me. I got in my car and tried to catch up to it, but wasn't quick enough. I drove around where Sixth St. and Palatine Ave come together--there are a lot of people roaring around on scooters down there but I did not see Jon's or the bright yellow one.


  1. Galldarn yellow scooter rider!

  2. That really stinks. Not just the fact that the scooter was stolen, but also the thought that someone was on your property.