Friday, December 14, 2007

Work Christmas party + cheap wine

Work Christmas party + cheap wine + final exam today=bad.

Jon and I work in the same department, although at different jobs. At last night's party I mused witty observations about work holiday parties in general and mine in particular. Today I think it's better if they are left unwritten. Once again, my boss forced me to dance the electric slide. Jon and I knew the drinks situation would be grim, so we stopped at the newly opened Beer Run and picked up a six pack to smuggle in. Gawd! How juvenile and unprofessional! I felt guilty enough to drink the Turning Leaf chardonnay provided by the bar while Jon & friends drank a hop heavy beer.

Not to sound too much like a helmet-headed suburban mom, but Beer Run's parking lot is a tad tight for the minivan.

Speaking of vehicles, no word on the scooter, although my gut tells me it was given a new paint job--probably at the corner of 6th st and Palatine--and is now being heartily trashed. Oh, and our homeowner's insurance won't pay for the loss because it is a "recreational vehicle." If the thieves had taken our lawnmower, that would be covered, but not a scooter.

The way I see it, we've just payed our ghetto tax, which was long overdue since we haven't been robbed in over 14 years. That was in Kalamazoo, Michigan where we lived in the historic district, in a neighborhood similar to Belmont, with a diverse mix of residents. There were some kids who Jon would sometimes hire to sweep the porch, etc. One day, when Drama Queen was just a few weeks old, they came over and asked to see the baby. I let them in the house, because I didn't want to seem unfriendly, and they stole my wallet out of my bedroom. Actually, that robbery was more psychologically traumatic.

Jon and I have always lived in gentrifying-yet-still-slightly-seedy urban neighborhoods. This is the type of neighborhood we prefer. We bought our house in Belmont a hairsbreadth before the prices here skyrocketed. When I think of the money we've saved in mortgage payments over what we'd have paid if we'd bought in a conventional "safe" neighborhood, compared to the price of the scooter, we're still way ahead.

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