Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day Two: One woman't stand against household slackers

Thanks for all the supportive comments!

Actually, I am a bit shamefaced today. I was expecting to be neck-deep in garbage by this time. Indeed, by dinner time yesterday, a Dr. Pepper bottle, a second drinking glass and two candy wrappers had joined the fork and the peanut lid on the desk. There was an empty Pringles can on the floor by the couch, an empty bag of tortilla chips in the sunroom. (Note—I don't even buy Dr. Pepper or Pringles, but when you have adolescent children who have their own money, they can, and will, supply themselves with junk food from the corner deli.)

The kids were oblivious, and I was annoyed, yet smug at the same time. Oh boy, won't I have a post brimming with righteous indignation tomorrow! Then Jon came home from work. “Pick up those glasses,” I heard him say, and Mr. McP scurried into the kitchen with an armload of glasses. “Are pop bottles recyclable?” he asked, and then, “Pick up that peanut lid from the desk.”

“Oh my GOD, you READ MY BLOG!” I screamed.

Actually, he hadn't. He does get the prize for being the only person to notice that I hadn't cleaned the house.

Then he took the time to teach me how to start an IV and I successfully started an IV on a banana.

Still. This isn't over. The carving knife is still in my desk drawer.


  1. Is the banana feeling better after its IV fluids?

  2. The banana tolerated the procedure well and is resting comfortably.

  3. I'm glad the banana is recovering. Also, that the Crabstick family kinda sorta rose to the occasion. Hang tough.