Thursday, January 03, 2008

A package of barely

Today Mr. McP brought home a note from school informing me of the "Tasting party" his social studies class will be having. The class will be cooking "Barely stew" the note said. "Barely stew?" I thought, and then figured it was something out of a book the class had read--a joke, like a thick soup that was barely a stew. But then I noticed that the teacher is asking for a parent to donate a "package of barely."

A package of barely? Are you kidding me? What she wants is a package of BARLEY. Maybe I'm an old fusspot, but this does not make me happy. Here are the scenarios:
1. The teacher wrote a note, to be sent to all parents, and didn't proofread it and naively expected spellcheck to guarantee a properly written note.
2. The teacher did proofread the note and saw nothing amiss in asking for a donation of a package of barely.

Typos are one thing, but barley was spelled as barely twice on this note, meaning this is how the teacher thinks it is spelled and I am trusting this person to educate my child.


  1. Oh gosh -- I'd be FREAKING OUT. I hate it when anybody makes a mistake like that but a teacher? Come on. I double blog dare you to correct the note (with proofreaders marks) and send it back to school. Extra points if you photograph the note with your edits and post it on your blog.

  2. Now sea hear! I think you need to grin and bare it. Their's nothing wrong with that leter!

  3. Do what I do: Tell my child that the teacher made a spelling error. I can promise my child will then go back to school and say to the teacher, "Did you know you spelled barley wrong?"

  4. jesus, get a grip. teachers are humans and make spelling mistakes.