Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pioneer Woman Pot Roast plus Jane Austen comes to PBS

Tonight I made the Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast. It turned out good. It turned out real, real good.

It has, however, become apparent to me that I am not a good food photographer. Gawd, look at that one carrot protruding from the onion. It looks like some sort of disease. Trust me, it tasted better than it looks.

So excited because tonight PBS unveils the new Masterpiece Theater with a brand new version of Jane Austen's Persuasion.
I like the older Persuasion with Ciarian Hinds and Amanda Root, although my friend and I agree that Amanda Root looks awfully haggard and old. But Sophie Thompson is superb as the annoying sister.

Further excitement--PBS is presenting new versions of Northganger Abbey, Mansfield Park and Sense & Sensibility plus a fictional movie about Jane Austen too. The Northganger Abbey movie from the '80s is absolutely dreadful. I am still haunted by the scene of the old lady pushing a needle through her fingers. And now, readers are scratching their heads and saying, "That doesn't sound much like Jane Austen," but I assure you, there was such a scene in that movie. There has never been a successful film version of Mansfield Park either. The 1980s BBC version is dull, and it appears to have been its aim to hire all the ugliest actors in Britain.

That was mean. I am going to hell. I bet the cast is gorgeous when they're wearing modern hairstyles. There's a 1990's version starring Frances O'Connor as Fanny, but it too is awful, with its implication that Fanny is being sexually abused by her father and the addition of an anti-slavery theme, both themes totally inappropriate in a Jane Austen movie.

Then, Sense & Sensibility--the Kate Winslet/Emma Thompson version is good, although Emma Thompson is much too old to be Elinor. There's also an older BBC version which is truer to the book, but suffers from the same dull, stage-set look of the BBC's Mansfield Park, plus an utterly unattractive cast.


  1. Food photography is *really* hard. I've never gotten the hang of it either.

    I have a feeling that professionally photographed food is not actually food, but rather cleverly sculpted plastic.

  2. I love Sense and Sensibility, its my favorite...the Emma Thompson version..come to think on it, I really must buy it from Amazon.