Thursday, January 10, 2008

Toronto declares Buffalo is cool again

Check out this Toronto Star article.

Buffalo, NY is where I was born and raised (aside from a couple of years in Boston) and it breaks my heart to see how it is dismissed and ignored by people who have never been there (or, if they have been there, never got beyond the environs of the airport, which is in Cheektowaga, not Buffalo.) You wouldn't expect people to be able to make an impression of Charlottesville if all they saw was 29N, would you?

Charlottesville is great. I know I am privileged to live here, but sometimes it seems like such a fake little Disney city. Buffalo, on the other hand, is dirty and gritty and real. You can buy real pizza at a real pizzeria on just about any street corner. Not only is the pizza good, but there are abundant excellent restaurants plus bars that are really bars and not restaurants with a bar added.

Middle class people in Buffalo live in the type of houses that only millionaires could afford in Charlottesville. How would you like to buy this 2000 square foot house, in a fashionable neighborhood for just $286,000? The taxes are $3400 a year--one reason why Buffalo has trouble keeping residents. (Link to the house's page)
If Toronto says that Buffalo is a cool city, then Buffalo really is a cool city.


  1. Hi Patience! I did work at Talking Leaves in 1989-90. It was one of my first jobs after college. I loved it there but moved out West after just a year. My mother had moved to Buffalo (from Bradford, PA) while I was in college so aside from the year I spent there after college, I spent a few summer and winter breaks there. It's a great city! I wrote a couple of articles for "Arts in Buffalo" and was also a cocktail waitress at Nietzsche's. I Still can't believe that bar time was (is?) 4am.

  2. That's so cool! I used to drink at Nietzche's all the time when I was in college. That and the "Old Pink Flamingo" across the street were my two favorite bars.

  3. oh yes, the pink flamingo was a regular hangout. i lived right around the corner from allen st, in something like a carriage house behind an apartment building on elmwood. so i spent a lot of time at nietzsche's and the pink.