Thursday, January 03, 2008

Worst day of the year

The worst day of the whole year is when you have to go back to school after the Christmas holiday. I am not one of those parents who rejoices at the start of school. I like to sleep in. I don't like standing on street corners waiting for the school bus. I like to be free of the Tyranny of the Lunchbox.

At least I have almost two weeks until I have to go back to school. I plan to work on our bathroom disaster, indeed, have already made major progress by yesterday ordering a shower-converter kit for the claw foot tub upstairs, which will enable us to demolish the awful shower in the other bathroom.

Two years ago, when our one bathroom with a shower looked like this:

We all had to bathe in this, without the benefit of a shower nozzle.

It wasn't fun, but we managed, for several months, but this time Jon has put his foot down.

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