Friday, February 22, 2008

Cupcake day

I ought to be at the hospital, but we had another snow day. If PVCC is closed, then we don't have to report for clinicals. It's a bit of a disappointment because I was curious about how my patient was doing. On the other hand, I really need the day off.

Because I was silly enough to give birth to two of my children on the same day (not twins, it's the same day, different years) I am giving two children's birthday parties this weekend. Not only am I giving two parties, my youngest child, Mr. McP, who's turning nine, made his own invitations and passed them out at school before I'd given the final OK for the party. And his invitations are for Saturday, when I'd been planning to have in on Sunday. Saturday it is.

I hate giving birthday parties, mainly because I worry that the kids won't have a good time, or, even worse, go home and tell their parents that they didn't have a good time. I don't want to be branded as Charlottesville's Lamest Birthday Mom. This is a small town.

I suggested to Miss G, who is turning twelve, that we get cupcakes from Feast! instead of a cake, and she wholeheartedly supported this idea and told all her guests to expect cupcakes from Feast!. Today, off I went to Feast! where I hastily counted the cupcakes on display, saw that there were enough for my needs and asked the clerk for twenty of them. This turned out to be a problem. Not to criticize Feast! because they were ever so friendly and helpful, but the usual thing is to order your cupcakes in advance, by forty-eight hours. I had thought of ordering ahead, actually, but I was going to call on Thursday, which wouldn't have given them the necessary forty-eight hours. Anyway I didn't order ahead because I kept putting it off, what with being in class half the day, and before I knew it, it was too late, and as I result I blundered crassly into Feast! asking for more cupcakes than they were prepared to sell to a single customer.

The problem was, that even though there were more than twenty cupcakes on display, and more in the back room, they don't like to deplete their supply by too much because people know that Wednesdays and Fridays are Cupcake Days and they look forward to their cupcakes, and goodness, knows, we don't want to upset the cupcake-eating public. Indeed, I got a small taste of what it must be like to go into Feast! expecting a cupcake and then not getting a cupcake, which could turn ugly if someone's yen for a cupcake were unusually strong.

Still, the very nice friendly clerk went to consult with the cupcake man in the back room and returned to ask if I could manage with eighteen cupcakes instead of twenty, and I said that would be fine, and all was well, and the eighteen precious cupcakes are now reposing on my dining room table in classy bakery boxes. I also bought one of Feast!'s famous molasses cookies that I've been hearing so much about, just for me, and it was delicious.

Who knew Friday was Cupcake Day? I thought every day was cupcake day.

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