Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lucky Bra confirmed

I got a 100% on my pharmacology exam and a 96% on the nursing exam and I owe it all to the wearing of my lucky bra.

Seriously, nursing school is kicking my ass. Today, the stench of necrotic tissue followed out of the hospital. I took a shower immediately on getting home, but I still can't shake the memory of that smell, after spending eight hours in a room with it. I need a Clorox nasal spray. Why is my spellcheck not accepting clorox? Why is it not accepting "spellcheck"?

I am exhausted. When I got home today at 3:40, I had eaten nothing but two scrambled eggs at 6:00am, but I was too tired to eat. My head was pounding and I had such bad nausea I couldn't even finish a cup of tea. I couldn't even read--and all I'm reading right now is a ridiculous romantic suspense novel by Victoria Holt.

On the bright side, the fabulous new clutch and pair of pants I ordered from Anthropologie arrived today.

A week and a half until Spring break.


  1. No anti-Hillary comment? I am so disappointed!
    Congratulations on your fantastic grades. That exhaustion is pushing yourself to great extremes and succeeding- I am so proud. :)

  2. I considered suggesting that she buy herself a lucky bra, because she's going to need it.

  3. I don't know what that stuff you said is, but I'm pretty sure it is the reason I am not a nursing student.

    I don't do smells.