Friday, February 01, 2008

School bus screws us, redux

Unbelievable. For the second time in two weeks, the school bus drove right by my eight year old son and did not pick him up. Once again, I had to be at school before he did. He waited with his sister at the usual bus stop--the bus stop designated by Charlottesville City public schools. The bus slowed down as it approached, apparently the driver was aware that there was a stop in the vicinity, then she kept going! It was a substitute driver, but not the same sub who drove past him last week.

The last time this happened, the Jackson-Via secretary told me that the kids could call the school and that someone would pick him up. Nevertheless, my high school kids had to leave before anyone from J-V had arrived.

Meanwhile, I got home from my nursing skills validation test--this was at about 11:00am--and there was my son, alone in the house! (City schools are on a two hour delay today.)

WHY, if you were a school bus driver, would you see a little boy standing on a street corner, WEARING A BACKPACK AND CARRYING A LUNCHBOX, and NOT STOP FOR HIM???? Why? Let's say, you did stop and for some reason he was the wrong kid? Would the world end? Wouldn't the little boy or his big sister say something like, "Oh, we're not waiting for a school bus." Did you think that this particular little boy was waiting for a helicopter to take him to school?

The only thing that could be slightly confusing, is that this particular street corner--and let me reiterate, the specific street corner designated by the Charlottesville City schools as the official bus stop---is also a stop for the CTS bus. There is a shelter at this stop, and when it is raining we use it but my son knows to step outside when his bus is approaching. I specifically asked him if he was in the shelter or standing outside it, and both times he was outside. The fact that a CTS bus stop and a school bus stop occupy the same corner does not faze the regular bus driver. And anyway, do little boys usually ride the CTS bus to school? No. They do not.

Calling the bus garage is an exercise in futility. I have done it before.

All ended well. My son's teacher arrived personally to pick him up. Despite this major glitch in my day I am happy because I finished a week of major nursing school hurdles. Monday was another dosage calculation test, on which we needed a score of 90% to stay in the program. I got 100%. Today was skills validation. We have to prove competency in the last set of nursing skills: starting an IV, venipuncture, drawing blood from a central line, tracheotomy suctioning, twelve lead EKG. I passed.


  1. You might try uploading to instead. They have a different policy on video sizes.

  2. It's time to go up the food chain. The head honcho in charge of transportation and other things is Walker's former principal. I'd call JH directly and tell him exactly what you've posted here. I suspect he'll see to it that it doesn't happen again.

  3. Thanks cville teachers. I know Jim Henderson from when my kids were at Walker. I will definitely contact him. I didn't know transportation was his responsibility. I could really give him an earful. This problem is just the tip of the iceberg of the bus issues we've had this year.