Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A very bad blogger

Not that I think the world anxiously awaits my writing, but there is this sense, when you know you're writing for an audience, that you are being a slacker if you don't update regularly.

We had a bad weekend, a weekend of bad news, and more bad news, and yet more bad news. Nothing life-threatening, but enough to make us anxious and uncomfortable.

Today was my first real clinical day of the semester. I was terrified of my patient--I had learned all about him in my pre-clinical preparation, or at least enough to know that he would be a real challenge for a second-semester nursing student, and that the likelihood of him crashing was high, since he is so very sick. Imagine my relief when I arrived on the floor this morning and discovered he'd been moved to an ICU. Not that I'm without sympathy, but I have never been so scared about what could go wrong with a patient before. My replacement patient was on his 6th day post-op, could walk and talk and do many of his self-care activities on his own.

I am trying to read Master of the Senate by Paul Caro. It is the third volume in a biography of Lyndon B. Johnson. There must be a fourth volume in the works, because this one takes us up to his election as Kennedy's VP. I confess I am skimming. Do I need to know the intricate details of how the Senate works? Such knowledge would probably enrich my life, but I don't have the energy for it right now. Also reading The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer, which is lots of fun, but I almost prefer Master of the Senate because it suits the serious mood I've been in lately.

I erroneously believed that the Virginia primary was part of Super Tuesday and almost got my car stuck in that impossible parking lot behind Clark School because of my own stupidity.

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