Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A visit to the vet

A visit to the vet is always good for a laugh, and Sancho's trip there yesterday did not disappoint. He was due for his rabies shot, and had gotten bitten in the face when he attacked a squirrel the other day. It is impossible to go to the vet and pay less than $200. Still, our Sancho has been fluffed and folded and prodded and stuck with needles and pronounced healthy. That is, healthy aside from his grade II heart murmur. "There's a heart specialist in Richmond you can take him to if you want," the vet offered. Are you kidding me? I had a grade II heart murmur and no one suggested I see a heart specialist in Richmond.

Here he is, pictured below, doing his favorite trick of pretending to be human by sitting with his ass on the couch and his feet on the floor. Don't look at the couch. That's an old one, since thrown away and replaced with a new couch, now well on its way to being trashed by kids and dogs.

While we're on the subject of pets, I'll reveal that we discovered that our bunny is afraid of bugs. It happened this way: George-the-bunny was sitting in his litter box, as he is wont to do, thinking his secret bunny thoughts, when he noticed a stink bug crawling about on the floor of his cage. George immediately made haste for his nest box and deliberately overturned his food bowl and pushed it in front of his box's opening in order to barricade himself against the bug. Have you ever heard of such a thing? We were most impressed, I assure you, and once the bug had been removed from the cage, he willingly exited his box. Drama Queen picked him up and he actually clung to her shoulder with his little paws until he had regained his composure.

This is George: the bunny with personality.

My clinical is canceled today due to weather. I'm actually disappointed. For one thing, we do so much preparation on the day prior to clinical, it seems a shame all that work went to waste. I'd written a short paper about her disorder (Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm) analyzed her labs, wrote an explanation of each and every drug she is taking, created three care plans, filled out an assessment. Also, it appeared she was going to have her aneurysm repaired today and I would have gone to surgery with her, because it is expected that nursing students go with their patients to all procedures, even major surgery. A repair of a thoracic aortic aneurysm would have been a really neat thing to see.

A tiny pathophysiology note: Aortic aneurysms are when the walls of the aorta, weakened by fatty plaque deposits, or inflammatory or infectious processes, begin to bulge outward. The big risk is, of course, a rupture. A ruptured aorta is not a happy situation. Surgical repair involves cutting away the weakened area and suturing a synthetic graft in its place. It seems incredible to me that they can clamp off the aorta long enough to do this procedure. It would have been a great learning experience for me to see it done. Oh well. Yesterday's election results, plus a day with nothing to do but relax and study for my pharm exam tomorrow are partial compensations.

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