Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring Break blues

Spring Break is almost over. I had big plans for this week. I was going to read ahead in all my for all my classes. I thought I'd at least skim all the reading assignments for the rest of the semester. I was going to study for upcoming exams. I was going to get to work in my garden. I was going to paint my bedroom. I was going to pry the shower pan up from my demolished shower. I was going to go out on the town and give my fabulous new bag from Anthropologie a trial run.

This is what really happened. I watched all six hours of The Way We Live Now, as well as Margot at the Wedding, Boondocks Saints, and I've rented Master and Commander to watch on this lovely rainy Saturday. I finished reading volume 1 of Blanche Weissen Cook's biography of Eleanor Roosevelt and checked volume 2 out of the library. I read Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian--the book that the movie mentioned above is based on. Jon and I went to Beer Run one night, but it was a flat evening and we both felt somewhat dejected. I got Mad Scientist starting on homeschooling, gathered some books, did some planning.

That's it, although I did put in many hours working on a ridiculous writing assignment, a complete nursing history of the last patient I cared for, and what a pain in the ass that has been.

It will be good to get back to school, because at least then I'll have the sense of moving forward, of getting closer to the end of the semester.

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