Thursday, April 10, 2008

Attack of the tater tots

I knew it would be difficult to go to nursing school and raise four boisterous children. I didn't know my standards would fall so far. The house is a wreck. Think dog hair on every surface, sticky cereal bowls with a skim of milk stuck to the bottom, crumbs, groceries that have not been put away for two days, laundry in various states of doneness, beds unmade, inch-thick dust on the piano.

But last night--and I shall pause in order to allow the Charlottesville parentiscenti to absorb the full horror--last night I fed my children Hillshire Farms bratwurst sausage and tater tots for dinner. Not only that, I bought the Hilshire Farms bratwurst (it was $.30 cheaper than the Johnsonville) and the tater tots at Food Lion.

It's not the first time I served such a meal, but it is the first time tater tots have crossed my threshold. And my kids didn't even like them. After dinner, Mr. McP dumped a plateful of tater tots into the kitchen trash. "That was disgusting," he said, with a little shudder.

Dogs, on the other hand, love tater tots, and mine obliged me by eating the leftovers.



    Seriously, check it out. Taking the time to do this pays off big in the end. Saves $$ and time. Perfect for the (inhale) working-homeschooling-mother of 4-nursing student-wife.

    Good luck!

  2. Tater tots and sausage are bad? Shhh! -- don't let my family hear you!

  3. Anonymous, I will check that out. Saving money on food is a big issue too. Thanks.
    C'villewords, I promise not to tell your family. :)

  4. You think that's bad? I make mock poutine with tater tots. Some diced/shredded mozzarella, some brain gravy thinned with a bit of bbq sauce or tamarind sauce (both live in my fridge) . . . mound o' steamy tater tots. That's good eatin'.

  5. Time for Mr. McP and his siblings to learn how to cook dinner! Seriously, when I was in school my kids had to learn to cook, and they did. Just simple things like sprinkle a little salt and some herbs over a whole chicken and shove it in the oven at 350, along with some potatoes. I used cooking as part of the curriculum when I was homeschooling older daughter. Math, chemistry, technical writing (she had to write up recipes for her creations)

    Also, I don't know about the tater tots but sausages and waffles make a perfectly fine supper.

  6. tater tots are one of those mystery foods that kids are supposed to like, but don't. I can't stand them, so haven't served them yet. My kids haven't forgiven me for the fish sticks I tried serving once.

    I'm a Bad Mother and serve things like English muffin pizzas for dinner. And not on the whole wheat muffins, either.

  7. i once purchased a "health food" brand of tater tots and my daughter hated them. but sausage. we do that sometimes. this might be even worse though: my daughter generally doesn't like pizza, but once i was at the aforementioned food lion and saw these cute little personal pizzas for 99 cents (food lion brand, even). i thought, well, maybe she'll like this for a snack sometimes. and she does. for dinner too. like tonight. oy.

  8. I love tater tots, but only with malt vinegar. :-)