Sunday, April 20, 2008

How to become popular

Jon and I are working hard to achieve status of Most Popular Family in the Neighborhood. This is what we've achieved so far:
1. Two large dogs that bark excessively.
2. One of our cars is permanently out of commission. It's parked in a hidden corner of our weird lot, half buried under an avalanche of grape vines. When people ask, I tell them I'm trying to compost it.
3. A scruffy teenage son with a scruffy friend who is here all the time.
4. A toilet sitting on the back deck.

And today--today--Jon bought a motorcycle. It replaces the scooter that was stolen last December. All we need is an RV and a boat and we'll be voted co-presidents of the neighborhood association.

At least we live in Belmont, where people are relatively laid back about scruffy teens, toilets as lawn art and motorcycles.

So, last night, I think I almost died. It was about 2:00am, and we were sitting on our porch, drinking wine with a couple of friends. It was raining lightly, and there had been a little lightening earlier, but we hadn't seen any for at least forty-five minutes. Suddenly, there was the most massive flash of lightening you can imagine--the kind that causes you to feel a zing in your heart and makes you think your hair is standing on end. Immediately following the lightening was a deafening crash of thunder. I don't know what got struck, but whatever it was was close. The weird thing is, we had been talking about electrocution and unfortunate accidents involving aluminum ladders and electric wires, and then we were all nearly electrocuted ourselves.

I suppose another item in our favor for neighborhood popularity is the having of parties that spill out onto the porch and last until after 2:00am. We didn't get to bed until 3:00.

Was today National Dogwalking Day or something? Driving down Preston Ave this afternoon, I saw several groups of people walking, all with several dogs. A little while later, I drove down West Main and saw lots and lots of people walking energetically, all wearing matching t-shirts of the sort you see when fundraising is happening. These people, however, did not have dogs. I felt very much like a slacker, driving along, with that hungover feeling you get from staying up too late, while all these t-shirted people were Raising Awareness or Finding a Cure or Helping the Kids, or whatever. Oh well. I've never been one for walk-a-thons.


  1. Maybe it was the dog marathon, or half marathon. I was unfortunate enough to happen upon yesterday's marathon's (whilst in a car) and it foiled my attempts to buy local from the city market. Argh. Runners.

  2. You really to move that toilet to the FRONT yard. That will definitely elevate your Classy Quotient.

  3. forget about installing the toilet; turn it into a planter!

    i heard that thunder. i was in bed half asleep but indeed i did hear it!


  4. HAHAHAHA!!!!! I died reading #4. I can't stop laughing -- because -- it's so OBVIOUS. It's like, yeah, SO? Toilet goes HERE. Hehehehe.

  5. That lightning hit a house in Willoughby--next door to the home of a friend of mine.