Monday, April 28, 2008

Lowe's and Weimar Wheelbarrows

I hear that our economic stimulus packages are being sent out early. Also, that they're sending them out according to the last two digits of our social security numbers, so people whose last two digits range from 0-20 will get theirs first. The last two digits of my ss# are 98. Damn. Also concerning, the new focus that these payments will help Americans deal with the rising cost of food and gas. Somewhat ominous, wouldn't you say? Considering that just a few months ago, Americans were expected to use their payments to buy appliances, plane tickets, furniture, computer games and tchotkes . And if the price of food is really going to spiral out of the reach of the average American, then $600 per couple and $300 per child is going to do precious little. Mad Scientist, who is 15, could eat $300 worth of food in a week.

But who wants to contemplate scary things like food riots and Weimar wheelbarrows? The tile apprentice came back today to do the grouting. He did a great job. I had no idea that grout is such an integral part of tile aesthetics. It was unfortunate that when I bought the grout, at Lowe's, I was advised to buy the wrong kind. I came home from school today to find apprentice having a worried phone conversation with his boss about how the grout for the shower was all wrong. So I had to go straight to Lowe's--a good 15 minute drive from my house--to get the right grout. Off I went to and when I got home, Apprentice Boy was gone because he discovered, in my absence, that the floor grout I'd bought was wrong too, and since I'd neglected to bring my cell phone with me, no one could call me to tell me. Apprentice Boy appeared soon after with a bag of the right grout, and all is well and the tiling is done and I will share pictures once it cures and I can take the barrier out of the doorway.

During all this Apprentice Boy and I had a stimulating conversation about how much Lowe's sucks. I'm not saying that all Lowe's employees are useless, because some of them can be helpful, but finding a helpful employee at Lowe's is definitely a challenge. Not to mention the atmosphere. Lowe's has just about the worst vibe of any store I've shopped in. I used to think that all Lowe's customers were assholes and hence, the source of the bad vibe, but that's not really fair because I am a Lowe's customer. I think the vibe is actually the frustrated energy left behind by dissatisfied customers which mixes with the toxic funk of new plastic and building materials and combines into a horrifying miasma that sucks all the joy out of you. When J.K. Rowling came up with the concept of the Dementor, she must have been shopping at Lowe's.

It's exam week. The last two tests of the semester are done, and now I have two final exams, both cumulative. Passing is not an issue, but I would like to get A's. To maintain my A average, I need to get at least an 82 on the med-surg exam, and a 72 on the pharmacology exam. That should be doable.


  1. If you file jointly, the first SSN is the one the gubbermint will go by when sending you that check. So maybe your husband's SSN is lower than yours, and his name appears first on the tax return? I'm getting mine 2 months early thanks to the ex's SSN! I also went to the IRS web site calculator and damn if I'm NOT getting $300 per child, due to tax liability yadda-yadda.

    I am praying for the day when Lowe's or Home Depot opens up on 5th St. Should be in a year!!! I hate that drive up to Lowe's

  2. I feel your pain over Lowe's. I was just there, making lists and was not finding what I needed.

  3. Lowe's definitely has another naysayer in my husband. Chris is working on a side door and a bathroom door. He knows what he is talking about because he researches endlessly before he enters a store and he had already been to Better Living. The salesman did not even bother to ask us what we wanted, he just led us to the cheapest doors he could offer. When we asked questions, he was totally put off. Finally Chris said "well you know its not like we have to buy today" and he disappeared for good. We were prepared to spend 600-800 dollars that day- now our money is going elsewhere. Competition is a good thing.

  4. Our weekend included three ghastly trips to Lowe's. The lines were a nightmare. The only saving grace in that store is the self checkout. Unfortunately, we were buying paving stones, so that was not applicable.

  5. Janet, thanks for the tip. I didn't know I could go to the IRS and calculate my rebate.
    Jen, Jennifer and Marijean, I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates Lowe's!