Saturday, April 05, 2008

Patience has a day off

Today was my first day off in two weeks. I slept until 8:30--I can't remember the last time I woke up after the sun had risen. Jon had taken the car to a motorcycle class in Staunton, but it is a relief to be without a vehicle because it gives me an excuse not to have to drive anywhere.

I did walk to the farmer's market downtown, with two of my children. We walked up the west side of Avon St., which has its own beauty, if you know how to look for it. Seen from a car, Avon St. looks ugly and grubby, but when viewed more slowly, as you walk along, you see little secret gardens and a hodgepodge of interesting architecture, much of it either in an attractive state of shabby chic decay, or else newly renovated.

I was hoping to find some asparagus at the farmer's market, but there was none, so we settled for some eggs and a small bag of biscotti. We ran into several people we knew, but I was distressed to see that Two French Hens is going out of business. That has always been my absolute favorite Charlottesville store. I've been browsing, and sometimes buying, there since it was Terracottage and located on West Main St. We checked out the final liquidation sale and spotted a gorgeous 19th century day bed, and I would have bought it, had someone else not bought it right out from under my nose as I contemplated it.

The rest of the day passed in a peaceful mix of reading, studying and domestic chores. It's like Little House on the Prairie around here lately, what with the broken dryer, the lack of a shower, and now, the pilot light on the stove is broken, which means I need to light the burners with a match. We've made major progress on the bathroom, but had to remove the toilet, temporarily until the new floor is installed, so we now have just one toilet for six people, which is not as amusing as you might think.

Photos of bathroom progress.

After. The shower is now ready to be tiled. The subfloor needs to be thickened before we can tile the floor.

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