Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 pictures meme

I've been tagged by bythelbs. The object of this game is to post 10 specific pictures.

Kitchen sink. I was tempted to clean before shooting, but that would be cheating, wouldn't it?

Inside of the refrigerator. What can I say?

My toilet. We're still figuring out how to work the trim in this part of the bathroom.

My favorite pair of shoes. I wear clogs pretty much 100% of the time. Yikes. I need to dust under my tub.

My closet. This is the only closet (other than the coat closet) in our entire house. None of our bedrooms have closets, so the six of us share this one, which is in the upstairs bathroom. Oh, and it doubles as a linen closet too.

Laundry pile.

What my kids are doing now. I can't round all four of them up into a single picture, but here's Mr. McP and his light saber. Yum.

Fantasy Vacation. London is my mecca.

My favorite room. This is the connection between the dining room and the sunroom. I love this space because we worked so hard to transform it from what it used to be, which is pictured below.
It gives me enormous satisfaction to reflect on the befores and afters of the back of our house.

Self portrait.

As usual, I'll just tag anyone who wants to play, but leave me a comment if you're going to do it, so I can come and see.


  1. What a fun meme. I might just have to do this one.

    After I clean my house, of course. :-)

  2. Your house looks cool! How old is it? (I'm asking because of the strange room configuration--no closets, etc, not because I think it looks run down and decrepit.)

    I'm so glad you did the meme! Fun stuff!

  3. Thanks, bythelbs. We don't know exactly how old it is, but it was built some time between 1890 and 1910.

  4. I posted mine today and linked to yours.